the most concerned brand

    The “Annual Award in Powder Industry” was co-sponsored by China Powder Network and Beijing Powder Technology Association in 2013 to commend the highest quality, best-selling products and industry brands in the year. It relies on the big data resources of the powder industry, and truly reflects the activity and market attention of related products in the powder industry in the past year, aiming to promote the development of the industry. The selection activity has been successfully held for three times since 2013, and it has received great attention and active participation from the entire powder industry. The event is completely free.


    In order to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges in the powder industry and enhance the brand value of the company itself, China Powder Network once again launched the 4th - 2018 Powder Industry's Most Concerned Product Awards. The 2018 Powder Industry Annual Awards Selection Campaign was launched on January 2, 2019, and ended on January 31, 2019. After nearly one month of online voting, the results of the analysis of the 2018 China Powder Network booth big data were finalized. Out of the year's most concerned products, the most concerned brand of the year, the annual innovation company and the annual leader. Since the launch, the event has attracted nearly 60,000 people from 28 provinces and cities nationwide to participate in the voting. The most participants are Shanghai, with nearly 16,000 participants. The event also attracted Germany, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Japan. Industry professionals from more than a dozen countries including Australia and the United Kingdom participate. The organizer will produce and uniformly send the award certificates to the winners. At the same time, the award-winning products will be added with the “2018 Most Concerned Brands” honorary logo on the China Powder Network for the whole year.

    Zhejiang Fengli was rated as the “most watched brand”. The company's "Superfine Grinding Equipment" brand won the title of "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product" in 2002. The breakthrough of China's powder equipment industry brand has been realized. In the past 17 years, with excellent product quality and efficient energy-saving effect, it has been sold all over the country and entered the international market. It has become a designated supplier of powder engineering equipment in China by many Fortune 500 companies such as the United States, Germany, Russia and Japan. . At present, Zhejiang Fengli has become a leading enterprise in the field of powder equipment in China with large scale, strong strength, full variety and new products. It is well known as the Secretary General of the National Particle Characterization and Separation and Screening Committee Superfine Crushing Equipment Working Group. Complete sets of ultra-fine powder equipment and green environmental protection equipment production bases at home and abroad.

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